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    Evaporative Condenser

    The Evaporative Condenser is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, water-saving and eco-friendly condensation device which uses evaporation and condensation as the main mode of heat exchange. The Evaporative condenser integrates the condenser, cooling tower, circulating water pump and the pump house all into one while maintaining a compact design. It can provide water usage savings of 30%-50% and electricity savings of 10%-20%. It takes up a small area and is easy to operate and maintain.

    Evaporative Condenser

    Application Fields

    Cooling of waste steam of thermal power generation and cogeneration, and improvement of direct air cooling system.

    Product Features

      Heat exchange tube and channel box use expanded tube joints

      Channel box uses a screw in plug, which makes it easy to repair and replace the tubes

      There are 3 types of tubes, brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

      Effectively deals with expansion, contraction and stress

      Have the advantages of both an air-cooled and an evaporative heat exchanger

      Custom-made according to customers' requirements

      High heat transfer coefficient, compact structure and covers a small area

      Small scaling factor, small temperature difference and is light.

    Operating Principle

      The cooling medium in the Evaporative Type Cooler exchanges heat with latent heat evaporated from spray water outside of the tube and sensible heat from sprayed water and the air. The air is sucked from the inlet grill through the axial flow ventilator, sweeps past the heat exchange tube bundles and exhausts heat. A high-efficiency water collector is installed under the draught fan to prevent water droplets from being taken away with the air.

      Spray water falls into the tank from the top of the evaporative condenser and is recycled through spray water pump. As it falls, spray water absorbs heat from the tube and is evaporated at the same time. Spray water which has been evaporated is automatically replenished through the water compensation valve.

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    Evaporative Condenser
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