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    Elite Team

    Longhua now has more than 1,000 employees, among which over 200 are professionals of the related fields. Technical workers at key positions all have got strict training and passed the assessment test.


    Scientific Research Base

    Longhua to create a new concept of China cooling (condensate) technology upgrading, to fill the domestic refrigeration number of gaps in the field of heat transfer technology, a highly efficient hybrid cooling (condensate) device technology products with intellectual property knowing air cooler, , the process engineering industry into factory production of standard products, so that industrial cooling (condensate) technology to achieve a breakthrough development, she led the Chinese industrial air-cooled, high efficiency composite cooling (condensate) development direction of technology. Longhua firmly grasp the pulse of the times, around environmental protection, energy saving two main research, with its solid technical strength, the achievements of a remarkable innovative enterprises.


    Test Facility

    We have built the examining & testing platform of heat-transfer equipment and the monitor room of the examining & testing center to strictly control the product quality. The establishment of Longhua Examining & Testing Center has filled up the empty of the area of refrigeration and Heat-transmission in China.


    Technology Exchange

    Patent Achievement

  • Possesses seven patents
  • Possesses 56 patents for utilities models
  • Obtained seven scientific payoffs
  • Acquired 12 software copyrights