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    Longhua History

  • Otc 2015

    Management document of "Quality / Environment / Occupational Health Safety" successfully passed examination by Quality Assurance Center of China Association for Quality

  • Aug 2015

    The company holds students subsidizing activity "Students Subsidizing in Autumn" in 2015

  • May 2015

    Beijing CM Environmental Engineering Corporation Limited, the subsidiary corporation of Luoyang Longhua won the title "2014 Ten Innovation Standards of Zhongguancun"

  • May 2015

    High-efficiency composite evaporative condensing (cooling) equipment technology successfully passed site acceptance of Energy Conservation Center of National Development and Reform Commission

  • Nov 2014

    The company passed examination for changing ASME U&PP Certificate

  • Otc 2014

    Technology High-efficiency energy-saving composite evaporative cooling and condensing technology of the company is selected in ten "Major Technical Equipment Projects" and the company is selected in...

  • Dec 2013

    Approved by Henan Science and Technology Department to establish Henan Academician Workstation of Industrial Heat Transfer Energy-saving

  • Dec 2013

    The company won the honorary title of Luoyang Quality Award granted by the mayo

  • Apr 2013

    Officially changed its name into "Luoyang Longhua Heat Transfer and Energy Conversation Co., Ltd."

  • Otc 2012

    Successfully passed examination by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and was granted ASME U Certificate

  • Sep 2012

    Successfully passed identification of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and GB/T 28001:2011

  • Aug 2012

    The technology center is identified as provincial enterprise technology center

  • Jul 2012

    Obtained identification by Russian GOST and RTN

  • Apr 2012

    Obtained security registration certificate of air-cooled heat exchange product

  • Nov 2011

    Obtained "National Scientific Research Award pf Energy Saving and Green Industry" granted by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

  • Sep 2011

    A listed company in growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • Aug 2009

    Evaporative cooler (condenser) technology" is named the supporting technology in fertilizer industry

  • Dec 2008

    Obtained certification by national high-tech enterprises

  • Nov 2008

    is awarded "2008 Top 100 Chinese Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturers"

  • Mar 2008

    The first compound evaporative heat exchanger is used in large petrochemical fields

  • Jul 2005

    The first compound methanol evaporative heat exchanger is successfully produced

  • Mar 2003

    produced and passed the Certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System

  • Oct 2001

    The first evaporative condenser is successfully

  • Jul 1995

    Luoyang Lung Wah Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.